CHART Art Fair

We all click “interested” or “attending” to all of those Facebook events that sound cool, but we never go… At least not to most of them. I got a reminder of CHART on the day I visited the Designmuseum Danmark (see last post)and decided to change this ‘bad habit’. CHART is a very popular contemporary Nordic art fair. Four different galleries established it in 2013 with the mission to challenge the boundaries and the experience of a traditional art fair. This year, it came to the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Kunsthal Charlottenburg in Copengagen for its 5th year. Unfortunately, it was only here from the 1st of September until the 3rd. Hence, when I got the notification on the 2nd of September, I grabbed my friend Francesca and went to the fair on the last day. The entry fee was 50 DKK (8,04 USD) for students, which is a lot cheaper compared to the prices of museums and art fairs in the US.

The fair was in the format of a museum; there were two floors with different sections of rooms, where gallery representatives were presenting their artists’ works. There was a great range of different medium; oil on canvas, watercolor, sculpture, multimedia, acrylic, etc. If you want some more information about the fair, below are some links:

Here is the link to the website:

Here is a video of this year’s fair:


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