Velkommen til København

Our arrival day was Saturday, the 19th of August, but it took me a while to post this since I was so busy with the orientation activities (sorry).

It is only my fourth day here and I already love Copenhagen. My trip from Turkey to Denmark went pretty smoothly and I ended up being on time for everything, which rarely happens. When I arrived, the DIS staff directed me to a hotel where people were separated into groups according to their housing. I live in a Kollegium, so I met a couple of people from that group; one of them ended up being Turkish, which is quite nice. Since most of the DIS students flew in from the US, they had to deal with jet lag, buying adapters, etc. so the first couple of days were quite relaxed. The first two days were planned for getting to know people, settling into rooms and getting familiar with the neighborhood. I love the housing option I chose as well as the neighbourhood.

So far, people have been so kind and the city is just lovely. The stylish people on their bikes, the minimal and modern Danish design, the smell of delicious Danish pastries, the red brick buildings, and the art all over the streets, have already mesmerized me. However, the moody weather has been a shock after such a continuously warm summer back home, but I guess it is one of the things that make Copenhagen Copenhagen. I am excited for the things to come.

Jordbærtærte, my favourite Danish pastry so far.

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