This past week and the weekend before I said my goodbyes… It was a lot more difficult than I thought. I guess spending the whole summer back home after so many years allowed me to feel emotional towards a place again. I also got to reunite with all of my friends so obviously it was tough to say bye.


My mom and her two university best friends (Elif and Necla) all had daughters around the same age (Ceren, Başak, my sister and I) so we all became childhood friends. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the chance to host them at our house before this weekend since moving has been hectic. Hence, we decided to invite them for brunch on Ceren’s and my last Saturday (she is doing her masters in Tilburg, The Netherlands). The Turkish breakfast culture is very rich, which is why it is very common to invite people to your house or out for breakfast. Turkish breakfast genuinely beats all the breakfast food I ever had in any other country (sorry) and I miss it so much whenever I leave, so this brunch was perfect. L We spent about 8 hours together, ate A LOT of food, talked, sang, danced, had so much fun. It ended up being a happy goodbye, which is always better.


For the rest of the week I met up with some friends to say bye, bought the last few things I needed and of course, tried to fit my life into one suitcase and one carry on (I kind of succeeded?). It was a weird last week; I don’t get emotional about leaving or excited about going to a new place until the last moments, but this time it started hitting me a few days before that. The general energy in the house and everyone’s mood was just strange… Anyway, I don’t want to talk about it too much. I had a lovely goodbye dinner with my family at Mezzaluna, my favorite restaurant in Ankara. Later that night, we said goodbye at the airport and that was just sad, it was also the middle of the night so we were all very tired, which made everything sadder. 😦 However, later when I was on my plane to Copenhagen, the excitement of going to a new place hit me. 🙂



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